Joshua Jackson has obtained a marriage licence.

The 'Dawson's Creek' star and his girlfriend Jodie Turner-Smith were seen clutching a brown envelope as they left the Beverly Hills courthouse.

Joshua's mother Fiona was also there to pick up the document, which remains valid in the United States for 90 days from the date of issue.

Meanwhile, Joshua previously admitted he didn't marry Diane Kruger, who he was in a 10 year relationship until 2016, because he's not religious.

Speaking during their relationship, he said: ''I can tell you why we're not married: We're not religious. I don't feel any more or less committed to Diane for not having stood in front of a priest and had a giant party.

''We're both children of divorce, so it's hard for me to take marriage at face value as the thing that shows you've grown up and are committed to another person. But it may change at some point.''

When Joshua and Diane split, the actor admitted the dating scene had changed drastically since he was last single, because of the reliance on technology.

He said: ''Things have changed a little bit since last time I was single. Maybe it was there, but I don't remember it. I mean, everything's on your phone now, right? There's no more talking to people anymore. You talk to somebody and they're like, 'Ugh! No, no, no, no, no! We don't do that anymore.' So, yeah, it's been quite a big change.''