Mexican superstar Juan Gabriel has assured fans he is alive and well following a recent health setback by interviewing himself in a comical new video.

The veteran crooner had to scrap a series of concerts in April (14) as he battled a bad case of pneumonia, but he has since bounced back and is now preparing to head out on a new U.S. tour.

The 64-year-old singer shared the three-minute video clip online on Friday (08Aug14), appearing in the footage as interviewer Alberto Aguilera, his birth name, and as his famous stage persona, Gabriel.

During the interview, Aguilera comments on the star's noticeable weightloss, saying, "You look much thinner and look much better", to which he, as Gabriel, replies, "Did I worry you? Did I scare you? You got nervous... but you're always with me. You love me, you cover me, you protect me, you hug me, you understand me, you accept me, you forgive me. Without you, I cannot live."

At the end of the video, he then announces plans to hit the road in September (14).