Juanes, Jesse & Joy, and John Fogerty will be among the stars saluting the late singer at the Eternamente Juan Gabriel concert, but the highlight will be the beloved icon himself, back from the grave.

Producer Gustavo Farias tells Billboard, "If you could see what we've put together, it's just unbelievable. It's a pretty ambitious homage, but it's what he would have wanted and believe it or not, but when he recuperated from a health scare in Las Vegas couple of years ago, we talked about this."

Farias reveals he came up with the idea of a hologram as he paid homage to his longtime friend, who died suddenly in August (16): "I knew we needed to do some special tribute for him and I started thinking of who would participate and what songs we'd play. And then I got the idea of the hologram, but I had no idea how to go about it.

"I had to do some research and visited a couple of companies until I came across Hologram USA and decided to partner with them because they've done amazing work with previous holograms. I felt very safe with them."

The company's bosses were the brains behind holograms of Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, and Jenni Rivera, but spokesman David Nussbaum insists the Gabriel hologram is their best to date.

"This Juan Gabriel hologram performance that the world is about to see will set the bar high and as a standard of what a hologram for a late icon is supposed to look like," he says. "Everybody that comes after will want to aim for this type of hologram."