When the early reviews of Dom Hemingway were released, things were looking pretty rosy for Jude Law n co. The critics were praising his performance as the larger-that-life criminal, and we had every reason to believe that Hemingway would hark back to the Lock Stock/Snatch/Layer Cake days.

Jude LawHey, It's Jude Law's bum!

In the beginning, Rotten Tomatoes had ol’ Hemingway at something like 80% - a respectable aggregate for any film, let alone one with Mr. Inconsistent, Jude Law in a starring role. But after a week of review-filing, the truth has come out: Dom Hemingway is average at best.

It’s “Definitely a film of two halves,” writes our critic, Rich Cline, continuing: “this crime comedy kicks off with a spark of witty energy as the title character blusters his way through a series of events with hilariously profane rants.”

Dan Jollin of Empire wasn’t particularly impressed, and won’t be taking any elderly relatives to see it. “Bitty and frustrating,” he called it, “its bigger laughs are set against some off-balance storytelling and crude comedy. Not one to take your nan to.”

Dave Calhoun, for Time Out, wrote: “There are only so many scenes anyone can take of Jude Law (never suited to the geezer role) strutting down streets shooting his gob off.” It’s still ‘certified fresh’ according to the reviews site, but it’s not sitting on a less impressive 65%.

Watch the Dom Hemingway

This could damage the film’s box office this weekend – it’s released tonight – as there are some pretty impressive titles going up against it.

Not only are Don Jon, The Butler and the poorly-reviewed The Counsellor all being unsleahed on the British public tonight, but plenty of people will be taking the chance to catch up on films they’ve missed, like Gravity, Captain Phillips and Philomena. Check out our reviews roundup of the big four to help you decide what to see.