Sienna Miller is ''terrible'' at being famous.

The 'Factory Girl' star found herself rocketed into the spotlight because of her high-profile relationship with Jude Law and party girl image and she's grateful that she's curbed her ''hedonistic streak'' and is focused on carving out a long-lasting film career.

She said: ''You're photographed coming out of some pub, you've had too much to drink and you're in your twenties.

''It wasn't healthy behaviour, but it wasn't abnormal.

''I definitely have a hedonistic streak.

''Thank god I was never a heavy drug user.

''I was just frivolous in someways.

''I didn't have a business head.

''I wasn't being well managed.

''I have always been someone who is professional and on time and not an arsehole on set, but I suppose life in between was chaotic.

''I just don't think I was ready. I wanted to live. And I did.

''There are English movie stars who have normal lives and longevity. ''There have been moments when I was incredibly famous and it doesn't suit me. I just can't. I'm terrible at it.''

Sienna - who has seven-year-old daughter Marlowe with former partner Tom Sturridge - doesn't care about getting other people's approval and wants to further her career with interesting projects rather than ''bigger and flashier'' movies.

She added to ELLE magazine: ''I could have taken routes that would have been bigger and flashier. I think I'm at a point where my life is so enriched by other things that a need for approval has completely dispersed. It doesn't matter to me anymore. I feel like the people who I would want respect from probably respect me.''