Dame Judi Dench refuses to watch herself on screen.

The legendary actress doesn't like to see her on-screen performances because she gets ''irritated'' by her acting and what she feels she could have done better.

She said: ''I don't see myself on film. When I do, I'm terribly conscious of what I chose to do and not to do in a moment. And I always am irritated. I like to watch it quite a long time afterwards when I have forgotten all the questions I had to ask myself in the moment. So I can look at it much more dispassionately. I've never even seen a 'Room With A View.'''

However, Judi has tuned in to watch 'Goldeneye', in which she played M alongside Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

She added to USA Today: ''I watched a bit of 'Goldeneye'. That was lovely. That was the first one that Pierce and I did together and we were both frightfully nervous ... There were things I would have done differently [as M]. Which is why the theatre is so wonderful. You do a performance, someone says something, so you change it a bit. You have a bit of a chance to get it a better. Once it's up there in celluloid, it's there forever.''

Judi previously confessed she never turns down a role as she fears she will never be offered another job again.

She said: ''No I can't turn things down. If I'm offered a job I always do it because I think it's the last job I'm going to be asked to do.''

And when asked whether she worries that the parts will dry up if she takes a break, she added: ''Well of course, why ever would I not think that?''