The Silver Linings Playbook star has no recollection of the accident, which occurred at a crosswalk in London.

"I was there in London doing re-shoots and woke up lying in the the street going, 'Why am I lying in the middle of the road?', she tells E! News. "I totally blacked out, I had a concussion. Luckily it wasn't worse than that and the motorist was OK, but I started to think my real life is more dangerous than what I'm having to do in this new movie!"

The 35-year-old admits she is not a big fan of motorcycles, but she did do some of her own stunts in the action film. However, she was "happy to hand it over to the professionals" when she needed to.

"We have an amazing stunt team so I always felt very safe," she says. "They rehearsed and practised so much. I would practise getting on the bike at slow speeds and riding on the back of motorcycles is a lot harder than it looks because you can throw the driver off, especially if you're going around narrow turns, but when we got on the bike and went full speed for the first time I definitely was scared."

The actress returns as CIA agent Nicolette 'Nicky' Parsons in the fifth instalment of the Bourne franchise, directed by Paul Greengrass, having made her debut in the first film, The Bourne Identity, 14 years ago.

Matt Damon also returns as titular character Jason after stepping down for 2012's The Bourne Legacy, in which he was replaced as the male lead by Jeremy Renner.