The American actress is back as CIA agent Nicolette 'Nicky' Parsons in the fifth instalment of the Bourne franchise, having made her debut in the first flick The Bourne Identity 14 years ago. Matt Damon also returns as Jason after being absent in the fourth flick The Bourne Legacy and in the latest film, directed by Paul Greengrass, the spy is being hunted down once more as he continues to seek answers about his past.

Julia's alter ego lures Jason out from the crowds during a riot in Greece, a scenario which felt a little too close to home for the star.

"It seems a little bit exploitative for me to say this, but I get chills when I think about the scenes that I was in,” Julia told Britain's The Telegraph newspaper. “Paul Greengrass has a knack for setting an action movie in a world that is very familiar to us. He can keep the political issues and the environment very timely and relevant. He wrote it a year ago. But it feels shockingly familiar given all the protests and violence that we’ve experienced in the United States.”

Julia may have been referring to citizens in the U.S. recently protesting as part of Black Lives Matter, after several African American men were shot by police, leading to cops also being killed.

The premise of Jason Bourne has moved on massively from the 2002 original, which Julia read the script for while sat in her dorm room at Columbia University aged 19. While Matt has become an action star now thanks to this particular franchise, the blonde actress didn't originally think of him as a likely choice for the part.

“I remember thinking: Doug Liman was a really interesting director. At that time he was more of an indie darling,” she recalled. “And I thought it was really intriguing that Matt was going to play this action hero, because at that time he wasn’t an obvious choice."

Julia also notes that her character wasn't even meant to live past the first film, as Nicky was originally “thrown up against a wall and her neck was snapped". However the film was then re-cut, making it possible for her to continue her role.