Julian Casablancas' protégées INHEAVEN's song 'World on Fire' was written after the band were ''possessed'' at a pagan circle.

The rising indie rockers visited a pagan circle in Wales and had a spiritual experience which led them to write the song and make the video about witchcraft.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, singer James Taylor shared: ''The track 'World on Fire' was written in a remote Airbnb on the edge of Wales, we discovered an old pagan circle on the land at the edge of a cliff.

''After standing in the centre of it we went back and wrote 'Treats' and 'World On Fire', it seemed to possess us with an other worldly power so we decided the video should represent that feeling.''

And it's not the first otherworldly experience to happen to the band as their first single 'Regeneration' was inspired by ''spiritual rebirth''

James said: ''I have personally had quite a few spiritual experiences and the song 'Regeneration' was the catalyst for INHEAVEN and based on one of those moments.

''The first song I ever wrote for this band and it kickstarted everything for us.

'Regeneration' in theology represents a wider theme of re-creation and spiritual rebirth, I was interested in the idea of being ''born again'' and I like to think of the song as our very own year zero.''

The band were spotted after posting their demos online by The Strokes frontman and he asked them if they'd like to sign a record deal with his label Cult Records, which James says is the most ''surreal'' thing to ever happen to him.

He said: ''Julian and his record label Cult emailed us when we first put our demos online saying they loved our tracks and ended up putting our first single out in America. One of the best days of our lives.''

Asked if he thinks the band will collaborate with Julian on a track in the future, James replied: ''I would love to one day, he was my idol growing up.''

INHEAVEN release their self-titled debut album on September 1.