Julian Casablancas believes The Doors were ''terrible role models''.

The 36-year-old lead vocalist of The Strokes has launched a scathing attack on Jim Morrison - the lead singer of the iconic group - suggesting he wasted his time in the spotlight by partying too much.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, Julian remarked: ''The Doors were terrible role models. Jim Morrison probably worked and read awesome literature and worked on poetry in sobriety for years, and then he finally made it, and he partied and acted like a maniac and people think, 'OK, if I want to sing cool, I have to drink whiskey.'

''But it doesn't work that way. And then he died at 27. I think I was living that kind of mimicking cliché... And I felt kind of really roughed up by it. And so I realised what I really wanted to do was make positive things.''