Julianne Hough always makes sure to give her husband Brooks Laich a ''massive kiss'' when she gets home from work.

The 30-year-old professional dancer and television personality loves to show her spouse some affection when she comes home, as it ''instantly connects'' the two of them after they've spent the day apart.

Speaking to Julianne on his 'How Men Think' podcast, 36-year-old Brooks said: ''When you come home, you come in the door and you give me a massive kiss. 'Cause usually I'm at home, I've been training or working out or something, [and] you're usually out. That instantly connects me 'cause we've both been doing our thing all day and separate from each other and that instantly brings us together. And you're exceptional with that. So, that's one of my favourite parts of the day.''

And the ice hockey star also gushed over his wife's cooking skills.

He added: ''My wife is an exceptional cook. She is a wizard in the kitchen,'' he gushed. ''She can find anything in the kitchen, in the pantry or in the fridge and whip it together and it's a new taste every single time. ... Or even if she Postmates me lunch, it means the world to me.''

Brooks didn't stop there either, as he went on to praise the 'America's Got Talent' judge for how ''fired up'' she makes him, especially when she puts on lingerie.

He continued: ''When you put lingerie on, I'm f***ing fired up. I love it! Like, who doesn't, but I love it. It means you're thinking of me and you put something sexy on, and you look so beautiful and sexy. And I'm just like ... I crave you.''

Julianne then took the microphone to express how ''intimate'' the kind words felt, and said she felt as though ''nobody else was in the room''.

She said: ''Honestly, everything you just said was intimate. It honestly felt like nobody else was in the room 'cause we had total connection. ... And even though there's people around here, I'm not embarrassed, I'm not vulnerable. Like, I am vulnerable, but I'm not conscious because all that matters is our connection right now.''