Richard E. Grant has claimed that Julianne Moore was fired from 'Can You Forgive Me?' over a fat suit.

The 58-year-old actress was originally cast in the lead role of Lee Israel but the character ended up being portrayed by Melissa McCarthy in the Oscar-nominated movie and Richard - who portrays Lee's friend Jack - says Julianne was let go as she wanted to wear a fat suit and false nose to get into character, however, the film's writer Nicole Holofcener wouldn't allow it.

Speaking at an Advertising Week Europe event in London, the 61-year-old actor said: ''Julianne Moore wanted to wear a fat suit and a false nose to play Lee Israel and Nicole Holofcener said, 'You're not going to do that.'''

Julianne, 58, recently addressed her exit from the movie, claiming that Nicole ''didn't like what she was doing'' in the part and had different ideas about how to play the character ''so she fired me''.

Speaking on 'Look What Happens Live with Andy Cohen', she said: ''I didn't leave that movie, I was fired. I think she [Nicole] didn't like what I was doing. We just been rehearsing and doing pre-production and stuff and her idea of where the character was different than where my idea of where the character was, so she fired me.''

The 'Hannibal' actress explained that although she hasn't seen the film yet as it's too ''painful'' she ''worships'' Melissa, 48, and is ''sure she's great'' in the movie.

She said: ''I haven't [seen it] because it's still kind of painful. I love Melissa McCarthy. I worship her. I think she's fantastic, so I'm sure she's great. It's pretty bad. The only other time I was fired was when I was working at a yogurt stand when I was 15, so it felt bad.''

'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' went on to be nominated for three Academy Awards, including Best Actress for Melissa, Best Supporting Actor for Richard and Best Adapted Screenplay, but did not win any statuettes at this year's ceremony.