Dame Julie Andrews insists Hollywood isn't all about ''red carpets and the beautiful gowns''.

The 84-year-old actress - who made her feature film debut in 1964's 'Mary Poppins' - is a veteran of the movie industry, but as she teased details of her new memoir, Julie admitted Hollywood isn't quite as glamorous as it may seem.

The London-born star - whose memoir is called 'Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years' - told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''It's about learning my craft, and being in the Hollywood film industry and what it's like to make a movie and what it was like to adopt my kids, and so many other things.

''I think people feel that um ... anything to do with Hollywood is all the glamour and the red carpets and the beautiful gowns and those are the very pleasant icing on the cake.

''But the hard work [is] behind the scenes, the number of craftsmen and technicians, people who work so hard to make a film come together.''

Meanwhile, Julie recently credited therapy with ''saving'' her life.

The 'Sound of Music' star sought help after she split from her first husband Tony Walton in the late 1960s, and she recently admitted it is one of the best things she has ever done.

She said: ''Sadly, I separated from my lovely first husband. And separations were always inevitable and the marriage was over and my head was so full of clutter and garbage.

''Believe it or not, it was Mike Nichols who really tipped me into wanting to go to therapy. He was so sane, and funny and clear. He had a clarity that I admired so much. I wanted that for myself. And I didn't feel I had it, so I went and got into it and it saved my life, in a way.''