The 81-year-old actress was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, when she recalled her days on the set of the 1964 Oscar-winning film, which starred Andrews as the singing magical nanny employed to look after two children in London.

Revealing the studio required the stars to do all their own stunts at the very end of filming so they didn't injure themselves and have to leave the shoot, she joked, "If I'd had an accident I would've been disposable after that."

An incredulous Colbert asked Andrews exactly what stunts she needed to perform on the children's movie, and the actress recalled a particularly dangerous day of filming, which required her to be on wires for the iconic scene in which Mary Poppins is seen flying across the London skies with her umbrella.

"It was the end of filming, and I was in this excruciatingly painful harness, and I was hanging around up there for the longest time, with the umbrella," she explained. "I felt myself, after hanging around up there, I thought I felt the wire drop about six inches. So, I thought, 'Oh gosh, to have an accident at the end of the (film) like this'... I was very nervous, and very tired."

Worried she was about to fall from a great height onto the stage, she asked the crew to make sure she was taken care of.

"So, I shouted down, 'Excuse me! When you do let me down, could you let me down really gently, because I felt myself slip, and I don't feel too safe up here'. And, when they let me down... I plummeted to the stage. There was an awful silence, and I did let fly with a few Anglo-Saxon four-letter words," she laughed.

Andrews was on the show to promote her new educational series Julie's Greenroom, which is due to premiere on Netflix in March (17).