Julie Christie's close friend JOHN SCHESLINGER wholly disapproved of her relationship with Warren Beatty - and appealed to the actress to end the romance.
The director, who cast Christie in Billy Liar and Darling, wrote to the actress to air his disapproval of the relationship, which lasted from the late 1960s to 1973, when the pair split up.
And Scheslinger felt so protective of Christie, he contacted his friend Peter Harcourt, a film critic, to explain his feelings towards the womanising actor.
The letter, written in 1968, reads, "I've caught glimpses of Julie. She's very much hooked up to Warren Beatty these days and I am not at all sure that this is really good for her future. He seems to get through women like a businessman through a dozen oysters, but one can't interfere in these matters, even though he has tried his best to do so with her career.
"I've written a very lengthy letter to her explaining my feelings and about everything and I've never had a reply."
Scheslinger's letters have been made public after they were donated to the British Film Institute after his death in 2003.