Justin Theroux finds something ''worthwhile'' in all negative situations.

The 46-year-old actor has had a tough time recently after splitting from his wife of three years Jennifer Anniston, and has now said that he always tries to look on the bright side when things don't go his way, so he can make them ''better'' next time.

When asked how he deals with situations that haven't gone in his favour, he said: ''I get up and do what I do. When I do things I don't necessarily want to do, or I get stuck in a situation where I'm like, 'Oh, this was not the best choice,' I'm still aware there's something to be gleaned from that experience. You have to just find some nugget that makes it worthwhile. Otherwise you'll completely give up. Bad work experiences are instructive: (A) what I shouldn't do again; (B) how things are done wrong and how I can do better.''

In most situations though, the 'Leftovers' star is spontaneous, and doesn't like to plan too far ahead.

He added: ''In ideal circumstances, the bucket list just starts to happen if you're leading your life well. I happened to be driving past a skydiving school once and decided to go skydiving. It wasn't anything I had planned. I always wanted to ride a motorcycle across Europe. I've done that three times now. There's nothing I'm dying to do. Nothing gnawing at me. There are things I know I will do. I just don't know what they are yet.''

Despite his positive outlook, the 'Spy Who Dumped Me' star still has ''doubts'' about himself, but believes the feeling can be a ''good thing''.

Speaking to Men's Health magazine, he said: ''I think doubt is a good thing. We're all doubting whenever we set out to do anything new. But that's a motivating factor to try to make it good. It's destructive if you let it creep over the entire process, but I don't dwell.

''I doubt things, but I hope things, too. That's when you give it the best chance of success by working harder or practicing or rewriting. That's how I deal with doubt ... Or I just pretend I'm not doubting myself.''