Justin Timberlake feels bad about attending the Grammy Awards because he would have sat them out if he knew Janet Jackson wasn't going.

The pop superstar was caught up in controversy at the beginning of February (04) when his SUPERBOWL duet with Jackson featured a shocking breast-baring 'wardrobe malfunction.'

Timberlake was quick to distance himself from the mistake, which upset many Janet Jackson fans, but his attendance at the Grammys after Jackson was advised not to attend was ridiculed by many.

Timberlake admits that if he'd had the chance to revisit February, he would have stood by his friend and boycotted the event.

He says, "I felt like, 'I'm going to show everyone that this was something that didn't affect me, and I'm going to show up at the Grammys.

"If I would have known that Janet wasn't going to go, I would not have gone.

"People started saying, 'I can't believe he left her out like that.'

"It's just one of those things where you're like, `I hope that person doesn't think that I was vindictive or that I did something out of malice or whatever."

30/08/2004 21:07