Karl Cook hailed Kaley Cuoco as the ''greatest woman'' in a sweet birthday message posted on Instagram.

The 'Big Bang Theory' actress celebrated her 34th birthday on Saturday (30.11.19), and to mark the special occasion, her husband paid a glowing tribute to Kaley via an Instagram video caption.

He wrote: ''Happy birthday @kaleycuoco love of my life!! You're the greatest most amazing woman on the planet, minus @lifewithshmooshy [the couple's miniature pony] of course. I am so excited to live everyday together. Also 'squash is a young mans game,' is just perfect, hahaha!! (sic)''

Kaley celebrated her big day in Bangkok, Thailand, where she's currently shooting her upcoming series, 'The Flight Attendant'.

The actress also shared a video online of the show's crew singing 'Happy Birthday' to her, and she was even presented with two cakes to celebrate the occasion.

In the caption that accompanied the video, Kaley wrote: ''This might have been the coolest birthday to date. I turned 34 on camera while shooting our final TFA Bangkok scene overlooking the Thailand skyline surrounded by extreme support and love.

''Thank you everyone for making me feel so special so far from home! Also my bday is just starting in the states so I'm gonna ride this wave as long as humanely possible. (sic)''

Recently, Kaley revealed that she and her husband are still living in separate houses - even though they tied the knot in 2018.

Explaining their unusual situation, the actress said: ''Even when Karl and I met, and I knew I was totally in love with him and we wanted to get married, we both really like our own lives and we actually like our own couches.

''He travels all over and he's got a ranch and horses, and he also loves his alone time. We're very similar like that, but we share the same passion, which are the animals, and he lets me be me.''