Kaley Cuoco doesn't feel ''fulfilled'' without her pets.

The 33-year-old actress - who is married to Karl Cook - is already feeling emotional at having to stay in New York from January to April away from her beloved dogs and horses and is planning to video call her husband ''every single night'' just so she can see the animals.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I've been crying already, knowing that I'm leaving them. I'm gonna be the one that needs the help! I'm gonna have to Facetime them every single night.

''My husband and I, we don't feel fulfilled unless were surrounded by all the animals. We fulfill each other, but we really like the animals... it's who we are.''

But the actress is excited to get started on her new venture because it has been a good distraction from thinking too much about her former show, 'The Big Bang Theory', coming to an end after 12 seasons earlier this year.

Asked how she's feeling now the sitcom is finished, she said: ''I feel good because, I'm knee-deep in 'The Flight Attendant', which I think is smart. I didn't have time to think about it.''

Kaley is also executive producer on 'The Flight Attendant' alongside Greg Berlanti and is finding her job as ''the boss'' very satisfying.

She said: ''I found this book two and a half years ago, and I wanted to make it, and I thought the material was great. I had an instinct about it.

''I [also] think it's really important to start putting our own stamps on things, especially as women, and having our own voice. And I like being the boss. That's it. That's the bottom line.''