Ambitious rapper Kanye West has big plans for 2006 and 2007, which include writing a TV show with Def Jam founder Rick Rubin, working with Steven Spielberg and buying a European castle.

The JESUS WALKS hitmaker, who claimed three gongs at Wednesday night's (08FEB06) Grammy Awards, is now looking to expand his empire to include big property acquisitions and film and TV work.

He explains, "I'd like to purchase a castle in Europe and renovate it. I want to design buildings.

"I want to produce movies and have complete ownership so I don't have to run ideas by people. I'm meeting with the biggest movie director in the game (Spielberg).

"I'm writing a TV show with Rick Rubin and Larry Charles, who wrote Seinfeld with Larry David. So it's like the real s**t.

"This year I met with the Steves - Stevie Wonder, Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple and Pixar) and Steven Spielberg. I'm going to the Kanye Wests of their genres."