Karen Elson had a ''traumatising experience'' with Ryan Adams.

The 40-year-old model-and-singer doesn't feel ''brave'' enough to give the ''specifics'' of what happened between her and the 'Wonderwall' singer but wanted to lend her support to the seven women - including his ex-wife Mandy Moore and former fiancee Megan Butterworth - who had spoken to the New York Times newspaper for an expose published this week about the alleged emotional abuse and controlling behaviour they experienced from the 44-year-old musician.

She wrote on Instagram: ''I also had a traumatizing experience with Ryan Adams.

''While I'm not quite brave enough yet to speak about my specifics. I'm encouraged that many women have bonded and helped each other heal. This is the power of sisterhood and I'm very grateful for these women.

''I hope all those speaking out are given the grace and dignity they deserve. The trauma that lingers is often a very powerful silencer of women as is the business that enables these men to thrive without ever facing consequences.(sic)''

In response, Mandy shared a screenshot of the post on her own Instagram Story and praised Karen - who was the opening act for a number of shows on Ryan's summer 2017 tour - for her ''bravery''.

She wrote: ''I [heart emoji] you so much and commend your bravery, @misskarenelson.(sic)''

After the expose was published on Wednesday (13.02.19), Karen admitted she had been left ''deeply disturbed by the allegations''.

She added on an Instagram Story post: ''I support all the women who are coming forward to share their experiences of trauma and abuse. These women are tremendously courageous and are advocates on behalf of all women. Please be kind to them! #MeToo and #TimesUp (sic)''

In the article, 'This Is Us' star Mandy alleged her former husband was ''psychologically abusive'' and belittled her singing talents.

She added: ''Music was a point of control for him. He would always tell me, 'You're not a real musician, because you don't play an instrument.'

''His controlling behaviour essentially did block my ability to make new connections in the industry during a very pivotal and potentially lucrative time - my entire mid-to-late 20s.''

However, Ryan's lawyer told the publication that the allegations were ''completely inconsistent with [Ryan's] view of the relationship'' and that he supported her ''well-deserved professional success''.

Also among the women to accuse the musician of abusive behaviour was 'Ava', a now 20-year-old bass player who alleged she struck up an online correspondence with the musician when she was just 13 and accused him of exposing himself over Skype video chats.

The pair first connected over music, as she was and up and coming bass player but their texts soon turned graphic. In one message, he had told her: ''i would get in trouble if someone knew we talked like this (sic)''

Andrew B. Brettler, the star's lawyer, said: ''Mr. Adams unequivocally denies that he ever engaged in inappropriate online sexual communications with someone he knew was underage.''

Though he's denied the allegations against him, Ryan has apologised ''deeply and unreservedly'' for his ''many mistakes''.

He tweeted: ''As someone who has always tried to spread joy through my music and my life, hearing that some people believe I caused them pain saddens me greatly. I am resolved to work to be the best man I can be. And I wish everyone compassion, understanding and healing. But the picture that this article paints is upsettingly inaccurate.

''Some of its details are misrepresented; some are exaggerated; some are outright false. I would never have inappropriate interactions with someone I thought was underage. Period.

''I am not a perfect man and I have made many mistakes. To anyone I have ever hurt, however unintentionally, I apologise deeply and unreservedly.''