Karen Elson wishes she could ''truly dance''.

The 37-year-old model has revealed if she could have one talent she would want to be a ballet dancer or circus-performing acrobat, although she wouldn't want to be an expert in modern dance because she ''can't relate'' to that genre of dance.

Speaking about the one skill she yearns for, the flame-haired beauty said: ''I wish I could truly dance. I'd do ballet or circus-performing - not modern dance because I can't relate to that.''

Karen - who has starred in fashion and beauty campaigns for luxury designer brands including Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Christian Dior - has revealed despite all the years of undergoing quick changes for shoots and catwalk shows she doesn't have a high pain threshold and has admitted it ''bloody hurts'' when stylists brush her hair.

When asked if she has a high pain threshold, she said: ''No, not at all. I wish I did! If someone brushed my hair sometimes it can bloody hurt.''

Meanwhile, the 'Ghost Who Walks' singer - who has 10-year-old daughter Scarlett Teresa and nine-year-old son Henry Lee with her former husband Jack White - has admitted ''nothing else compares'' to the love she has for her children.

Speaking about her greatest love, she said: ''My children. Nothing else compares.

''[My happy place is] with my children, family, friends and all the people I love, in my house in Nashville, Tennessee.''

However, the star has revealed she had to tell a little white lie to her brood recently to avoid answering the ''profound questions'' they posed to her.

She told Stylist magazine: ''[I lied to ] my kids the other day. They were asking some profound questions I was incapable of answering. I try not to lie to them, but some realities are brutal.''