Karen Elson is throwing lots of parties to celebrate the London Olympics.

The Scottish supermodel is based in the US but has been enjoying the sporting spectacle and loves having friends over to watch the events.

She told Britain's Vogue magazine: ''I'm going to throw a ton of parties at my house in Nashville and become very patriotic - I'm so proud to be British.''

Karen - who was previously married to rocker Jack White - admitted she showed signs of athletic talents herself when she was younger.

She explained: ''I used to be pretty good at hurdles when I was a kid - my long legs helped.''

Karen has previously admitted being a model can make it difficult to try new career projects.

Speaking about her music career, she has said: ''Would I stop modelling? I think that would be really pretentious - 'I'm sorry, I'm now a musician. Other than viewing them as the golden handcuffs, I might as well just appreciate it. I only hope I can improve the idea of model-slash-anything. I only hope I can do it Justice.

''You know, models, people roll their eyes. I for years just believed that the music had to be a personal project.

''Like it's me trying to get more attention. I was cautious, because if there's something bad out there, it's doubly as bad because you're a model. It's like, 'Oh, stick to the day job.' ''