Karlie Kloss ''always'' overdraws her upper lip line to get a fuller pout.

The 26-year-old model is known for her flawless complexion both on-and-off camera, and the star revealed that her beauty hack for any event is to ''accentuate'' her eyebrows with a brunette coloured pencil, and over-line her lips to make her ''statement'' look come together.

She said: ''Whenever I'm applying lipstick I like to make sure my lips are really matte and dry, I always want to take any moisture off because otherwise you're not going to be able to draw the shape.

''There kind of statement looks are really about knowing your shape, for me I always overdraw my upper lip line, I like to really fill in and accentuate the brow, understanding proportions for what works for your face. I love using the same lipstick for my cheeks, so use a clean finger and a little bit goes a long way.''

And Karlie always keeps a powder applicator in her ''handbag'' when she attends red carpets because it helps to get rid of any unwanted shine on her ''eyes and nose''.

She added: ''For my red carpet looks I don't like to wear a lot of foundation that, for me, is really about investing time in my skincare regime before I'm getting ready. Whenever I'm going to a red carpet, I usually have a tiny little handbag. If I'm going to bring anything it's usually a powder applicator with powder on it, in case as I'm about to step on the carpet I need to do anything on the eyes or on the nose.''

The former Victoria's Secret Angel loves a ''sheet mask'' because it's the best way to prepare your skin and give it a shot of hydration before applying any beauty products.

In a tutorial for Vogue Australia, she said: ''Whenever I have a big event or red carpet I like to start my beauty look with a sheet mask, it's just the most hydrating way to prep your skin. I'm a sucker for a sheet mask, leave it on for however long you can and I like to take the extra serum either in the packet, or that's still on your face and I love to use this amazing tool to really massage and de-puff my face.''