Karlie Kloss is always ''fixing'' her make-up in the ''back of a taxi'' as it's a chance to refresh your look on the go.

The 26-year-old model - who is married to Joshua Kushner - has revealed her step-by-step guide of how she achieves her go-to day-to-night beauty ritual and she makes the most of any opportunity to touch up and finds that car journeys give her a great opportunity to spruce up between appointments.

Speaking in a beauty tutorial for Vogue Australia, Kloss said: ''I don't know about you but I personally find I'm constantly on the go fixing my make-up in the back of a taxi cab, or a bathroom. I need a refresh and to touch up my skin.

''I take concealer under the eyes, around your nose, around your lips to refresh your look, I like to use concealer over foundation because I don't like that caking look on my skin, if I have an acne spot or dark circles under my eyes I'll use a heavier concealer.''

Karlie also revealed her biggest facial skin problem is that her ''nose is always red'' so she has developed a special technique to cover up the blemish.

She said: ''Whether it's winter, summer, spring, fall, my nose is always red - really just be very concentrated in the areas that need it. I have very hooded lids so I like to be very light with eyeshadow and get right in the socket.''

The statuesque beauty - who was a Victoria's Secret Angel from 2011 until 2015 - also shared that she overdraws her ''upper lip'' to give them a fuller shape, and prefers waterproof mascara because it doesn't ''transfer''.

She explained: ''I like to open my eyes with a nice mascara, wiggle it into the lashes and swipe it out, if you don't have make-up remover there's nothing better than good old spit to clean up that mess. I love using waterproof mascara because it doesn't transfer as much, you know when you look in the mirror halfway through the night and you realise you have mascara everywhere and no one has told you, that is the worst! Good friends will tell you or at least they should. I also always cheat my lip shape and overdraw the upper lip to get a nice full shape.''