Kasabian felt ''special'' when they hung out with Cypress Hill.

The 'I'm in Love with a Psycho' hitmakers were invited to join the US group backstage at a festival because frontman Tom Meighan is such a big fan and impressed them with his knowledge of their lyrics.

Asked who they like to hang out with at festivals, guitarist Serge Pizzorno said: ''It's always hard to find bands who can keep up. A lot of people sort of vanish, but we had a good time in South America with Alt-J, of all people.

''We had a really good time with them boys, they're good lads.

''We got friends with Cypress Hill because Tom is a massive fan - we hung around with them, smoked a lot of weed with them and it was great. They were sound.

''The thing with them is not everyone was invited and you felt special.

''That's down to Tom knowing every lyric of every song they'd ever done and them going, 'What the f**k is this kid doing?' ''

Kasabian enjoy playing festivals and Serge used to particularly love Australia's Big Day Out, which travels around the country, meaning they had a lot of down time between performances.

He said: ''It was like a travelling circus, it was incredible.

''You're there for three weeks and you have a lot of time off in between.

''You do a gig, have four days off to do whatever you want and then you go and do a gig again.

''We had a really good time with Tame Impala, we hung around with them a lot and the Muse boys were out there, that was a good one.''

And Kanye West's antics on the tour was astonishing to the group.

Serge told Q magazine: ''That was... Interesting. Just to see someone come on stage whenever he wanted was quite funny.

''That's the only time I've ever seen that, when someone goes, 'Yeah, two hours... Nah, we'll wait a bit longer.' It was a lot of mad nights in Australia.''