Kate Beckinsale takes her own food to work.

The 'Farming' actress is very ''self-sufficient'' and has learned it's easier to bring her own meals onto set than risk an allergic reaction from the catering provided.

She said: ''I'm incredibly self-sufficient and I always bring my own food.

''I'm allergic to enough things that it's pointless for me to try the curry.

''I have to just make sure I have protein every few hours or I'll keel over.''

The 46-year-old actress may sometimes have exhausting moments on set but she refuses to take a nap in her downtime in case she falls victim to a prank.

She told Total Film magazine: ''First of all, I would never, ever - I've thought about this - I would never fall asleep in front of other people. That's very risky.

''You could wake up with no eyebrows or a moustache or a sanitary towel stuck to your head.

''But when it's very early mornings... Sometimes when you're working at 3 in the morning, I don't care so much about eating but I really need to sleep.''

And as a result of her pledge, Kate found herself ''hallucinating'' on one of her early movie experiences because she spent so long filming.

Asked the longest day she's had on set, she said: ''24 hours. We were doing a French film.

''It was very low budget, and I was about 19. I think I probably started hallucinating.

''You really get quite giddy after 24 hours. It was very low budget and we were shooting in Paris in locations they hadn't paid for.

''I think we were in the Gare du Nord, but completely illegally. We had to wait until nobody was looking.''