Kate Beckinsale has been sniffing her daughter's socks because she misses her now that she's in college.

The 46-year-old actress is missing her 20-year-old daughter Lily - whom she has with ex-partner Michael Sheen - now that she's left home, and admitted last week in an Instagram post that she's begun ''huffing'' Lily's socks.

And during an appearance on 'Good Morning America' on Tuesday (22.10.19), Kate was asked about the picture - which saw her holding a sock to her nose - and admitted that whilst it was mostly done to ''embarrass'' Lily, she's actually found the bizarre hobby comforting.

She said: ''I'm just having a little sniff of one of her socks while she's away. Actually, I mainly did that to embarrass her. I said if you leave home, just know I'm going to be going through your underwear drawer, just huffing everything while you're gone. I won't be going out I won't have a life, I'm just going to be smelling your underpants and your socks.''

The 'Widow' star says Lily still manages to keep her in check, even when she's away at college.

Kate added: ''I was on a talk show the other night and they were like, 'Hey, how do you feel about rapping 'Hamilton'? I was like, 'Well, she never speak to me again. That'd be over.' I'm trying to behave myself as much as I possibly can. I'd get in trouble.''

Last week, the actress posted the picture of herself on Instagram with a sock against her nose, and told her followers she was wearing all of Lily's underwear ''at once''.

She wrote: ''I think kids think when they grow up and leave home you have nothing to do all day-when in fact one can have a rich and full life huffing one's way through their sock drawer and wearing all their pants at once.''