Kate Hudson makes mistakes ''all the time'' as a parent.

The 40-year-old actress - who has Ryder, 16, with ex-husband Chris Robinson, Bingham, eight, with former fiance Matt Bellamy, and Rani, 16 months with partner Danny Fujikawa - doesn't always get it right with her kids but is doing the best she can and has days when she feels like ''supermum''.

She said: ''I make mistakes all the time.

''I've yelled at my kids too much, and I've also cursed in front of them, and I also haven't shown up for things because I was out of town.

''But, at the same time, I have days where I'm like, 'I'm a f***ing supermum', I'm cooking, cleaning, doing homework, changing diapers, I worked out.

''What I've learned - and what I'm learning - is that I'm doing the best I can.''

The 'Almost Famous' star also admitted she made a conscious decision to take a step back from her career to focus on her family life in order to make herself happier.

She told the new issue of Women's Health magazine: ''I want to kind of chill out, take a step back from acting, from making movies that weren't really making me happy, and look at what I really want to do and what I want to give back - what kind of parent I want to be.''

The Fabletics founder tries to keep her work at work and doesn't want it to spill over into her home life.

She said: ''If I come in nine-to-five, do all my work and shut off my phone, I can have a balanced life.

''I try not to let work spill into time with the kids, dinnertime and in bed. Happiness comes from feeling liberated, I've always felt my best when I felt liberated from things that were holding me back.

''Why am I going to endorse something if I can build a business that's more mindful and more sustainable? That's kind of where my head is - building business.''