Kate Hudson's family are the ''loves of [her] life''.

The 'Almost Famous' actress took to Instagram on Tuesday (18.06.19) to share her first photo featuring herself, boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, their eight-month-old daughter Rani and her sons Ryder, 15, and seven-year-old Bingham - who she has with ex-husband Chris Robinson and former fiance Matt Bellamy respectively - and couldn't have been happier to have them all together.

She captioned the smiling post: ''My loves of my life.''

A number of Kate's famous friends were equally pleased with the picture.

Lena Headey wrote: ''Joy [cheering and heart emojis] (sic)''

Chelsea Handler commented: ''Awww so happy''

And Katie Couric posted: ''So precious!''

The 40-year-old actress recently admitted she's found raising three children tiring.

She said: ''It feels like I have 500 kids. Everyone's like, 'How are you?' And I'm like, 'Exhausted. I'm so tired.''

Although she might not be in the triple digits when it comes to her children, Kate did previously admit she'd love to have at least 100 tots, despite having a ''pretty brutal'' pregnancy with her daughter .

She said: ''[I] would have 100 kids. [I] love being pregnant.

''[My last pregnancy was] pretty brutal. I could hardly walk. I had this thing, it happened with Bing too, I have like a dancer hip ... when I start carrying heavier, forget it, I can hardly get up the stairs.

''But I'll still get pregnant again! I just love it.''

The 'Fool's Gold' star loves to see her sons looking after their baby sister.

She previously said: ''It's really cute to see them with her. They can't stand how cute she is. It's completely different than when Ryder had his brother. [He] was like, 'When can he play? When can he do things?' They want to teach [them] everything they know.

''Then, a little girl comes in and they're just like, 'Oooh!' It's like having a little ornament.''