Kate Middleton has, of course, been in the public eye for many years now, having dated the King-to-be for a decade. It was last year, during the run up and aftermath of her wedding that turned Kate from a part-time interest into a full-time obsession for the world's media. The day of the wedding also thrust Pippa Middleton, and particularly her bum, into public attention. However, over a year after the exciting event and both sisters are still constantly in the headlines.

This week Pippa Middleton furthered her career in the release of her first book, called 'Celebrate: A year of British Festivities for Families and Friends' and is published by a Penguin subsidiary, for a reported £400,000. As the Telegraph says, the reviews have been distinctly varied, some describing it as vapid, while others consider it "charming". However, due to the sensitive nature of the family which Pippa is now a part of, she will not be doing much publicity or one-to-one interviews about it, in attempts to avoid probing questions about the royals- notably that small faut pas of Kate's topless photo. 

Both sisters this week have also been included in the top ten of Britain's Most Natural Beauty poll, reports the Daily Mail, with Kate sitting right at the top- a position she needs to get used to before Queendom 50 years down the line. Although the accolades Kate has received so far are vanity based, at best, and vacuous at worst, there is plenty of time for her hard work and philanthropy to break through. This year she has also been included in Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World list, which is far more an indication of her future power than her existing effects, and one that we hope she will settle into with ease.