With the big day fast approaching, its time for Kate Middleton and Prince William to start planning for life with a little one in the mix and the first order of business is appointing a royal nanny. Luckily for the Duke and Duchess their needs may be met closer to home than they'd have thought.

Kate is believed to want to break from tradition and rather than hiring a professional childminder, as is the norm, to bring in her mum for the duty. Speaking to Australian magazine New Idea, Jessica Hay - a close friend of Kate - told the mag that Kate wants her mother, Carole, to take on the responsibility of royal babysitter. She told the magazine, “Kate and William are both pretty terrified about the rest of the pregnancy after the hyperemesis.," adding, “Carole may even move in with them when the baby’s born so they don’t have to rely on a nanny."

Jessica, who went to school with Kate, also revealed that Kate's grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II, has been a doting family member since Kate's battle with morning sickness that landed the Duchess in hospital. Apparently, Her Majesty has been sending Kate health tips and has even sent her chutney from her estate, telling her grand-daughter-in-law to eat it up should she begin to feel ill again. Jessica also says that Kate has taken up yoga and hypnotherapy to help combat any future ailments, but is said to be in good health at the moment.