According to geneticists, Kate Middleton's bun in the oven has around a 52% chance of being ginger, should she and Prince William both carry the red-haired gene.

Since the news broke that the royal pair are expecting, rounds of people have been predicting what the future heir to the throne may look like, and it turns out the future third in line for the throne may end up looking like the current third in line, Uncle Harry - that's Prince Harry!

Despite both sporting a much darker head of hair, the odds of having a red-headed child are actually quite high for the royal couple. In fact, scientists found that the chances of any couple in Britain giving birth to a red-head may be higher than expected, as a study of ancestral DNA of more 5,000 people in the UK showed that a whopping 38.3% had the red-haired gene. With a ginger brother, there is a more than likely chance that Wills carries the gene, as for Kate, Alistair Moffat - director of BritainsDNA - told the Daily Mail: “As a result of our study, we can say she has a 38.3 per cent chance of being one."

Should the little one be born with a head of ginger hair, he/she will join ancestors Richard I, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, as a red-headed English monarch.