Prince William and his doting bride Kate Middleton were doing their part to support the troops and promote Remembrance Sunday as they surprised commuters by riding a refurbished 1960s Routemaster bus to London's Kensington tube station. Their morning commute in the capital wasn't over there however, as they later stopped by a pop-up stall in the station to sell their share of red poppies.

Kate Middleton Prince William
The royal couple were on their latest public outing to promote a good cause

During their trip and whilst in the station itself, the royal couple met with military personelle and volunteers who were supporting London Poppy Day. Their aim was to promote the charity, but as you may imaging, their presence on the streets of London also managed to whip up a fair amount of royal hysteria. One of the servicemen that the royals had met with, Corporal Steve Johnson, told Metro, "Lots of people [were] ecstatic to see them."

Johnson, who also played guitar during the meeting, went on to say, "Kate asked what kind of music I’d been playing. She asked me to play but then said don’t because it’s too busy. Kate was more interested in the music, while William was more concerned with the day itself and how the appeal was going."

"They asked how the appeal was going and whether we were getting support from the public," retired volunteer and poppy seller Tim Connolly told the paper, having met the couple as well. "The answer is we’re getting a lot of support. The public is responding when they see uniformed personnel out collecting for the appeal."

Their day consisted of the morning commute and some meet and greets, after which they were introduced to a line-up of Poppy Day supporters at the station before being overwhelmed with members public armed with their camera phones. Hundreds of shocked commuters and onlookers watched and took pictures of the royals as they met with the volunteers and servicemen, their exploits soon making their way on to social media sites. Their trip is one of many events planned to take place in the city of London to mark London Poppy Day.

Kate Middleton
Kate always causes a storm.