The Foundations star, who is now based in California, was due to perform a DJ set at L.A. Bootleg Theater venue on Saturday night (30Jan16) as part of a local music festival, but she cancelled her appearance after she spotted a terrifying incident on her street.

Nash claims an armed couple were "holding people up" outside her home, so she locked her doors and waited for the emergency services to arrive.

She has now offered an apology to fans for cancelling the gig, writing in a post on, "Hey I just wanted to apologize for anyone that came out to see me DJ ... I was supposed to be at the amazing @girlschoolla festival at the @bootlegtheater... Right as I was leaving my house there was commotion, a couple were roaming my street with a shotgun & holding people up.

"We had to lock our doors & stay inside to stay safe. There were sirens & helicopters until 5am. It was frightening & I was stressed to let down the festival & you guys... But obviously I was not about to risk getting shot & could not leave my house. Thanks for your understanding...

"Stay safe out there folks, use yer heads. And f**k guns."