Kate Nash has been ''taken advantage of'' by men in the music industry in the past.

The 'Pumpkin Soup' hitmaker is gearing up for her comeback and has opened up about the struggles she faced the first time round as a young singer suffering with anxiety and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and how non-supportive the people around her were.

The 29-year-old pop beauty's first album since 2013's 'Girl Talk' will include tracks about mental health, which she hopes will make people speak up about their problems.

In a candid interview with Paper magazine, she said: ''When I look at people who were working with me, they were all old men and they took advantage of me. I just don't think there's a lot of support and care for artists and their mental health. Most artists have mental health issues. This tour I'm doing in the UK - we're doing it with MIND (a mental health charity in the UK). A lot of the songs I've written address the topic of [mental health]. I just want it to become really easy to talk about.''

In March last year, Kate revealed she was sexually assaulted in her own home and stated she was ''cornered'' in her bathroom and ''groped'' by a man, and she shared the details in the hope that it will help other victims.

Alongside a portrait picture of herself, the 'Foundations' hitmaker wrote on Instagram at the time: ''2 days ago I got groped in my own house by a man I don't know. I was alone & cornered in a bathroom & extremely threatened. I'm sharing this information with you because women are encouraged to keep quiet, not take up space & hide when they get violated. We are scared to come forward because we don't want to cause trouble or a scene. We don't want to talk about heavy s**t & make ppl feel uncomfortable. Women & girls are also mostly told they were asking for it & accused of making it up. So sometimes we think twice about coming forward, or we don't at all. I'm tired of feeling that way. Talking about these issues can a) help to prevent them in the future & b) make us feel stronger, more supported & safer. (sic)''