Kate Nash was told she was ''too fat'' to be a pop star.

The 'Foundations' singer has opened up about being subjected to body shaming throughout her career and how ''offensive'' and ''inappropriate'' she finds people's comments about her figure.

She said: ''When you're a woman, you have such a strange relationship with your body because - especially when you're in the public eye - you're constantly being judged.

''People comment on my body all the time in a really inappropriate way, in a way I find completely offensive.

I saw it in serious newspapers where I've been called 'too fat' and 'too ugly' to be a pop star. It's so weird, but people feel like they can say that to you.''

However, the 29-year-old singer says starring in Netflix comedy show 'Glow' - in which she portrays Rhonda - made her learn to feel ''empowered'' as the focus wasn't on her looks.

She told The Independent newspaper: ''On the show, we have a purpose that isn't just to look good, it's to learn to wrestle and run the ropes. On set, I was pushing myself physically, doing things I never expected I could do. It empowered me, and I feel very confident and assertive.''

Kate says the perception of women is changing and girls feel confident enough to speak their minds and exercise feminism.

She explained: ''Everything's slightly different now because feminism is now front and centre. It's mainstream. There are still s**t magazines that will look at women's bodies. But I've seen reactions from influencers, and if someone talks about a women and the way she looks, women jump in like 'no, you can't f***ing say that. What's it to do with you?' Women are being more accepted and there's more awareness of people's sexuality, gender, race and other issues in the world.''