Kate Upton has slammed those who made ''dumb misogynistic comments'' toward her after she commented on a recent baseball game.

The supermodel - who is married to baseball star Justin Verlander - took to Twitter this week to vent her frustration at a controversial umpires decision that was made during Game 6 of the World Series between the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals.

After commenting on the situation, Kate - who's husband Justin plays for the Astros - received backlash from baseball fans, with some even telling her she should ''stick to modelling''.

In response, Kate returned to Twitter on Wednesday (30.10.19) to slam the critics for dismissing her viewpoint just because she's a woman.

She wrote: ''I LOVE talking about sports and reading all of the dumb misogynist comments. It reminds me that women need to keep fighting for equality. It's 2019 but feels like the 1950s. #feminist (sic)''

Kate is no stranger to fighting for equality, as she recently hit out at the Victoria's Secret fashion show for not including models of varying sizes.

She said: ''You know what? We're sick of seeing the same body type. You have to be body inclusive now. Every woman needs to be represented otherwise it's a snoozefest.''

And the 27-year-old beauty also previously spoke about sexism, when she said she hopes a world where ''hard work and merit are put before gender'' is the kind of world she wants to see her 11-month-old daughter grow up in.

She said: ''A world without sexism would be a world where hard work, merit, and qualifications are put before gender. True partnerships would be present rather than the constrictions of traditional roles. Instead of being put in a box, everyone is on an even playing field and therefore benefits. This is the world in which I want my daughter to thrive.''