The Misery actress is currently starring in the Bad Santa sequel but it certainly hasn't put her in the festive spirit.

Kathy has revealed she is done with Christmas shopping so in recent years, her friends and family have simply been handed money so they can buy themselves something.

"I am so over Christmas," she told New York Post gossip column Page Six. "I never go shopping for Christmas... I just give them a cheque. I figure people know what they want more than I do.

"I am not going out there to get sweaty in a department store. They always make those department stores so hot. Why do they do that?"

In the Bad Santa sequel, Kathy plays Billy Bob Thornton's foul-mouthed and deviant mum and she told U.S. news show Today she didn't need much convincing to agree to the role.

"I just jumped into the deep end," Kathy said. "It was a dream of mine, I've been a big fan of the first movie Bad Santa so when they asked if I wanted to play Billy Bob's mother, I said 'where do I sign?'"

In the original, which was released in 2003, Billy Bob played a professional thief who dressed up as Santa so he could rob shopping malls.