Kathy Griffin, the 50-year-old American comedienne and television personality, may have damaged her chances of getting back her old job on CNN's New Year's Eve Special by making a joke about Bristol Palin's weight, reports Popeater.com
Griffin was booed by troops after she mocked 20-year-old Palin during the VH1's 'Divas Salute the Troops' concert, and an insider at CNN has suggested that executives were less than impressed with the jibe. The comedienne had already been in trouble with the network's bosses after she swore on last year's New Year's Eve show. The insider said, "CNN executives ... were considering giving her another chance. That was until her Bristol weight comment a few days ago that reminded everyone exactly why they had barred her in the first place".
During the concert, Griffin spoke about Palin's time on Dancing With The Stars, remarking, "She's the only contestant in the history of the show to actually gain weight. She's like the white 'Precious", a reference to the 2009 movie about an overweight girl in an abusive household. Griffin also said that the singer Jessica Simpson couldn't make the event because "she couldn't fit in the hanger".