Katy Perry has released post break-up single 'Small Talk'.

The 'California Gurls' hitmaker might be loved-up with her fiancé Orlando Bloom - who popped the question on Valentine's Day (14.02.19) - but her music is the complete opposite, as she sings about the ''weird'' feelings after the end of a relationship.

She belts out: ''Isn't it weird / That you've seen me naked / We had conversations about forever / Now it's about the weather OK ... Isn't it wild / That I know your weakness / And everybody at the party thinks / That you're the best since sliced bread.''

The 34-year-old star's latest single follows 'Never Really Over', her first solo material since 2017 album 'Witness'.

Meanwhile, the 'Teenage Dream' singer has denied reports she is set to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).

Speaking on an Instagram Stories Q&A with her fans, she said: ''I am not performing on the VMAs, so not everything you read on the internet is true. Go figure. I personally think ''www'' stands for wild wild west ... I always say if it doesn't come from me, take it with a grain of Himalayan salt.''

In May, Katy revealed that there are no plans to head out on tour because ''one thing suffers'' if she tries to combine both parts of her job.

She said: ''I don't really want to go on tour right now. I can't make a record while I'm on the road because one thing suffers.''

Katy added that the music industry has changed a lot in the past 11 years, and it's not the same as it was when she brought out her 2008 debut album 'One Of The Boys'.

The 'I Kissed A Girl' singer explained: ''I feel a little bit like 2008 was a time, and now 2019 is a totally different time, and all of the change that has happened in between that, it's a totally different playing field.

''I mean, you have to rewire and relearn. I would say that, as an observer, and a big fan of music, there are fewer characters. Lots of songs come out, but fewer characters and personalities.''