Katy Perry reportedly feared her career would be damaged by Kesha fans if she publicly supported or continued working with Dr Luke.

The 34-year-old pop star decided to stop working with the record producer after he was accused by Kesha of sexually assaulting her and, according to court documents obtained by The Blast, Katy didn't want to be the ''one woman that is against women''.

The American singer gave her deposition in July 2017, when she was questioned by Dr Luke's attorneys.

Katy explained that she was aware at the time that some celebrities were publicly supporting Kesha after she filed her suit against Luke, who has denied the allegations.

Katy reportedly explained that she felt pressured to distance herself from the producer and to voice her support for Kesha.

She said: ''I felt pressured, but I also knew both of them and a lot of people did not. So it was easy for them to be disattached and support an idea rather than an actual instance.''

Katy claimed that the pressure was particularly intense from Kesha's fans, a large number of whom contacted her via Twitter.

She explained: ''People were generally very angry at me for not saying anything.''

According to Katy, Luke became a toxic figure within the music industry.

The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker said: ''The association with working with Luke was a negative at the time and still is because of this incident.''

What's more, Katy admitted to being annoyed that she was ever dragged into the situation, after Kesha and Lady GaGa suggested in text messages to each other that she'd been raped by the producer.

Katy - who has denied the claim - reportedly said: ''I want to stay out of it because I know them both and I empathise with both of them and obviously it's a horrible situation for both of them.

''And the only two people that know what really went on are those two people.''