Katy Perry can't stop passing wind after gorging on baked beans.

The 'Firework' singer has been enjoying the canned snack in tomato sauce since arriving in the UK for the latest leg of her 'California Dreams' tour and she has been suffering from flatulence, the food's major after-effect.

She said: "I love coming to London so I can have baked beans on toast. They do bloat me and I'm afraid I'm going to go off like a firework, but I do love them."

During her show at London's The O2 Arena over the weekend, Katy - who is married to British actor Russell Brand - had to keep rubbing her stomach to ease the bloating from the baked beans.

She told the audience: "When I rub my belly it's not because I'm pregnant, it's 'cos of the beans on toast!"

Baked beans are not the only British food Katy has been enjoying since arriving in the UK last week.

The 26-year-old beauty dined on meat pies and Yorkshire puddings after arriving in Sheffield, North England, where she started her run of shows.

Justin Rowntree, owner of Silversmiths restaurant where Katy dined, said: "When she got here Katy was very interested in how we got our name Silversmiths and was intrigued to hear about Sheffield's history of silver manufacture. Then she tucked into a meal. We first introduced her to Yorkshire pudding. She thought it was funny that we ate puddings as starters but once she got her head around it Katy loved it.

"Then she had a Whirlow Hall Farm meat pie and Henderson's Relish gravy which she devoured. Every plate on the table was completely empty when the party left."