Keane are working on their first album in six years.

The 'Everybody's Changing' hitmakers went on an indefinite hiatus in 2013, a year after releasing their last record 'Strangeland', and after frontman Tom Chaplin admitted he would need to repair his ''complicated'' relationship with bandmate Tim Rice Oxley, they have reportedly put their differences aside to hit the studio to make new music.

An insider told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre newspaper: ''The boys have had a good few years to do their own thing but now they're back and raring to go once more.

''It's been a long time coming and they've put all their differences to one side and are really loving working together again.

''They've been in the studio recording since the end of last year and have been offered songs by some amazing names. It's all very exciting.''

Tom has had a successful solo career since the band went on a break, his 2016 solo LP 'The Wave' reached number three in the Official UK Chart.

Life in Keane didn't come easy for 39-year-old singer, who saw his life spiral out of control in the mid-2000s due to his addictions to drink and drugs, and after picking himself back up again, he suffered a relapse in 2015.

Tom admitted in 2017 that reuniting with his bandmates would only be possible if he and Tim mended their relationship to make the group a ''happy'' place again.

Opening up about his difficult friendship with the 42-year-old keyboardist - who completes the rock band with guitarist Jesse Quinn - he said: ''Me and Tim have a really complicated relationship. We have great love and respect, but there are other elements in that relationship. I think in order to do something with Keane we would have to explore ways to make it a happy and positive experience again. And at the moment it doesn't feel for me it's the right thing to be doing.''