Boyzone get more attention from male fans than their female admirers.

The pop group's fan base has changed over the years and now instead of girls running on stage it's more likely a ''tattooed geezer with a beard'' will try and crash a performance from the group - made up of Keith Duffy, Ronan Keating, Mikey Graham and Shane Lynch.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Shane said: ''We used to have girls running on stage. We now have tattooed geezers with beards there've been men trying to get on stage and give you hugs. I like that.''

Mikey added: ''They're old enough to not be embarrassed about being a Boyzone fan.''

Shane, 42, admitted that it's a pleasant change meeting male fans rather than men who are jealous that ''their girlfriends are into them''.

He said:''It's nice to walk into a public place and men want to shake your hand as opposed to wanting to fight you because their girlfriends are into you.''

Although the band has loyal fans, they have revealed they don't have any plans to make themselves or their late bandmate Stephen Gately into a hologram.

Speaking about the news that Amy Winehouse is to be made into a hologram for a tour, Mikey admitted: ''To be honest, I think it's a bit too soon with Amy. There was a Roy Orbison hologram recently and an Elvis thing that did well but that was long after those guys passed by.''

Whilst Shane added: ''I don't think it's something we would ever think about.''

And Ronan quipped: ''I suppose we could end up staying at home, like Abba are.''

Before concluding: ''When we are long gone, maybe - but until then we'll keep doing it ourselves and turn up ... we probably wouldn't get paid otherwise.''