Keith Urban thinks Post Malone is the ''real deal''.

The 51-year-old country singer has revealed he's a huge admirer of the American rap star and he's relished the experience of working with him in the studio.

Keith - whose work with Post is set for release in early 2019 - confessed: ''I love Post.''

He added: ''He's the real deal. He's so eclectic, so steeped in all kinds of music. I love him.''

Keith - who is married to award-winning actress Nicole Kidman - admitted that in spite of their different musical styles, he had ''a blast'' working with Post.

Speaking to E! News, he shared: ''We collaborated on a song for this Elvis [Presley] special that's going to be coming out in January.''

Meanwhile, Keith previously admitted he cannot bear to be apart from Nicole for a week.

The acclaimed musician has been married to the 'Big Little Lies' star since 2006 and the power couple try to make plenty of plans in advance because they don't like being away from each other for more than ''a handful of days''.

He said: ''We never made a promise to each other.

''I just don't want to be away from her for two weeks or [even] a week.

''We try and schedule pretty much everything so that we're not away from each other for more than a hand full of days.''

Keith even moved his and Nicole's kids, Sunday, ten, and Faith, seven, to Tasmania in Australia when she was shooting the 2016 drama movie 'Lion'.

He said: ''Even when she was shooting 'Lion' in Australia we just relocated down to Tassie for a few days and wherever else we had to go so we just stay together as a family - it's really important to us.''