Kendall Jenner wants to be a working mother.

The 22-year-old model - who has recently been romantically linked with Anwar Hadid - isn't ready to have children yet but thinks supermodel Cindy Crawford, who has Presley, 19, and Kaia, 17, with husband Rande Gerber, been a great example on how to raise a family while maintaining a successful career.

She said of Cindy: ''I think that's really good. I love that hopefully that can be the picture.''

Though the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star is trying to ''open up'' a little bit more to her fans, she's proud of the fact she can usually keep her personal life private, despite having grown up on TV.

Speaking at Vogue's Forces of Fashion event in New York on Thursday (11.10.18), she said: ''I feel like I live a very public life. My family has a TV show and we're all in this position.

''For me, it's always been a huge thing to keep that private aspect of my life. I almost feel power in having that, and I think there's something really beautiful to be said about that.

''I've strived for that almost my whole career, but I've realised recently that having so much privacy leaves room for people to create a narrative for you, and for people to assume something of you that could be completely untrue.

''Recently I feel like I've been working on opening myself a bit. [I am] keeping things private that I want to keep private, and that I think are sacred [or] personal.''

Though Kendall has been on her family's reality show since she was 11, she's pleased she still got to have a ''normal'' childhood and is thankful she didn't rush into modelling.

She said: ''I got to live as much of a normal life as I could. I went to school and I had all my friends and I grew. I think that mentally and physically, I was in such a better place when I was 18 to do this.

''Even the past two years, I've grown so much in myself, to be able to know what I want and when to be able to say yes or no.''