Kesha's beauty icon is David Bowie.

The 32-year-old singer launched her own makeup brand, Kesha Rose Beauty, last week, and has said the colourful products in the line were inspired by some of her own style heroes, including the late musical icon David Bowie.

She said: ''I mean, obviously David Bowie was a huge inspiration with the face painting and the androgyny and the colour and never letting anyone put him in a box or define him. He always was so playful with clothing and in makeup and that was one of the main inspirations for the makeup line is that I really wanted to incorporate so many colours because I feel like I promised myself on the last record [2017's 'Rainbow'] I'll find a rainbow.

''And I've done the hard work; I've done a lot of therapy, I've done a lot of working on myself that I finally feel like I'm living in that rainbow I promised myself five years ago. So I want people to just have fun and feel good and have it not be dependent on any external ideas or philosophies or anything that satisfies anyone except for themselves.''

And the 'Praying' hitmaker was also ''inspired by colour'' when it came to creating her line, because she loves to experiment with vibrant eyeshadows.

She added: ''I was really inspired by colour because - not to sound like a total hippie - but I feel kind of like my aura is usually the colour that I want to do my eyes with. So if I'm feeling really indecisive I'll put one eye blue and one eye green, and I just have all these really fun colours that I haven't seen in this kind of palette. I wanted to find the perfect chartreuse, which is my favourite colour.''

Kesha wants her beauty range to ''accentuate'' people's beauty, and ''enhance'' what makes them ''feel happy''.

Speaking to People magazine, she explained: ''It's just a really fun line of makeup and it's made for people to feel beautiful but not in any sort of way that society puts on you or the expectations that make you feel insecure. It's all about feeling secure and happy and exactly who you are, just enhancing what makes you feel happy.

''You're already beautiful - this is meant to accentuate what you love about yourself. Just have fun and let how you feel on the inside shine on the outside and not feel like it's about looking perfect or being 'beautiful' for anybody else but yourself.''