Kesha says ''nothing is off-limits'' on her new album.

The 32-year-old singer released 'High Road' on Friday (31.01.20) and she admitted the liberating record sees her with the shackles off with ''no boundaries'' for her music.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she said: ''I am really excited because the record sums up all sides of my personality and nothing is off-limits. I am bare and there are no boundaries.

''I'm not being stuck mentally, or by anyone else, in a box. I am happy with all the different ways that I have used my voice.

''In the past, I've been so super critical of my voice because I just want it to be so good. I've started being kinder to myself.''

The new collection is a contrast to her 2017 effort 'Rainbow', which was written in the wake of her failed lengthy legal battle to get out of her recording contract with producer Dr. Luke.

However, the fresh material comes as Kesha is feeling more ''life assured'' - although she initially second guessed herself when it came to singing ''about being happy''.

She explained: ''After everything I have been through and am still going through, I didn't know whether I deserved to be happy or if I did feel happy, I didn't know if I should sing about it.''

Her brother Lagan helped convince her to reutrn to her fun pop roots - and she quickly realised ''he was right''.

She added: ''He told me, 'You love pop music, you are good at making pop music, why don't you write a pop song?'.

''Then I came in the studio and I knew that he was right -- that I was depriving myself from making fun poppy songs.''