Kesha's most recent album ''saved her life''.

The 'TiK ToK' hitmaker credits her most recent release, 'Rainbow', for keeping her going after her long legal battle with Dr Luke, who she accused of sexually abusing her, drugging her, and emotionally abusing her for years, but he profusely denied the claims.

Speaking in a trailer for her upcoming documentary 'Rainbow - The Film', she said: ''Sometimes things feel like, like they're too much to handle. You may be able to pull it together and put on a front in front of others, but inside, you're trapped, suffocating slowly. This record has, quite literally, saved my life.''

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old singer previously admitted she gained strength from her ''darkest moments''.

She shared: ''It's from our darkest moments that we gain the most strength. There were so many days, months even, when I didn't want to get out of bed. I spent all day wanting to go to sleep, and then when I did fall asleep, I had horrible night terrors where I would physically cry and scream through the dark. I was never at peace, night or day. But I dragged myself out of bed and took my emotions to the studio and made art out of them. And I have never been happier with a body of work as I am with this record.
 I hope this song reaches people who are in the midst of struggles, to let them know that no matter how bad it seems now, you can get through it. If you have love and truth on your side, you will never be defeated. Don't give up on yourself.''